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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank you Democrats for sending a mother to jail for sending her kids to learn...A DAMN SHAME!

How about a world where YOU got to decide where your kids went to school at with your own tax dollars? How about a time when you could have the option of moving your kids away from a failing school with a failing program and failing teachers? Can you envision a time and place where you could move your children to a school where the gang activity wasn’t part of the curriculum? This would be great wouldn’t it? If only such a country existed. A place where I had a choice of schools that I could choose to have my child educated at without having to the added expense of having to move. A place where the money I pay to the educational system could be directed by me. Maybe I can’t afford to move. Should my financial place in line force my child to sacrifice an education? Hell No!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Democrat Representative for not allowing this to happen. Because of your efforts an Ohio mother is sitting in jail. Kelly Williams-Boler sits in a jail cell because of your ignorance and desire to keep many of us shuffling on the plantation that the current house-negroes manage for their masters. I am talking to you Democrat, poverty-pimping, low-expectation having sell out “Leadership”. This is happening in America and as of today, January 27, 2011 NOT ONE of you have come to her aid! Shame on you Democrats, Shame! After all, you are the ones who put her in jail as far as I am concerned.

I think the scool vouchers that you so fiercely fight against would have made a difference in her life and the lives of her children. This is a lady who is a small amount of hours away from becoming a teacher herself. She knows what is going on, no doubt. This is why she jumped through fiery hoops to get her kids into a better situation and school, yet we allow the system to digest another of our progressive minds. They argue that the vouchers will not pay for the entire education of a student and that suburban school districts will not accept them but I say that a voucher would have given Kelly William-Boler another option in getting her kids out of the rat race that is America’s failing public schools. Who are we to say she would not have been motivated enough to obtain, in some way (God works mysteriously), the additional funds to get her kids to a better school? I would not underestimate the resources of a determined mother. I don’t want my tax dollars going to you crumbling failing schools. I want an option that allows me to spend my dollars in the school of my choice. I am sorry but I cannot sacrifice my children’s education and lives for a social experiment gone awry long ago.

America’s public schools are under-attended by students and over-attended by gangsters. The voucher program is nothing new. Why this program was good enough for white students in the 1960’s that were fleeing newly integrated schools but not good enough for OUR kids now I am cramming to understand. Damn it feels good to be a Gangster, I mean Democrat!

I say that the jail sentence and strain on the family of Kelly William-Boler is on the back of the Teacher unions that stand to be held accountable when they have to compete directly with private schools for their funds. Competition brings out the best in Americans. Isn’t the education of our children too important to trust just one source? It is on the backs of the Democratic office holders who stand to be held accountable for their continued efforts to throw more money at failing schools instead of addressing the problem: BAD PARENTS! Her sentence and the sentence of her children are on the backs of those of you that stifle and hold back the brightest among us for your personal reasons and your statistics that attempt to justify the horrible job that you do and your continued failure to your kids and ours.

A system that works in other places around the world can work here. It is high time that everyone not continue to suffer for those that refuse to pull their own weight. Why did Obama, in 2009, move to end the voucher program that helped so many minority students in D.C. at the behest of the congressional Democrats? Talk about crab mentality. Why is it that Democrats believe in choice when aborting a baby but not when it comes to my child’s education!?

I am still waiting to see if the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, President Obama, or any other of our “leadership” will step up to even utter a word about this fine mothers plight. Come on Mr. President, you stepped up to help a Harvard professor who was belligerent with an officer and played the race card. Can you help this sister, please? No they will not. She offers no political, economical, or publicity capital to them. Damn Shame! Damn Shame! Black “leadership”

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don’t worry about the mule, just load the wagon!!

In these days and times it seems to me that there is no shortage of people who aspire to be in charge. There are many, many chiefs and very little Indians, at least by my count. No one wants to do the actual “work” anymore. Everyone wants their input into the project, goal, system, activity, assignment, business, game plan, scheme, task, and venture, but almost no one wants to make the rubber meet the road. We all complain about the education of our youth but not many show up and get involved in the school board meetings or to even pay attention to where the district spends your hard earned tax dollars. We will tell you what’s wrong though. It is because we envision ourselves as being in charge; just don’t ask me to actually do something.

Everyone wants to GO to the church and critique the pastor, deacons, and the very few people that make the organism that is the church move forward. Did you get that…THE VERY FEW PEOPLE, I said. People show up on Sunday and walk around inspecting with the swagger of a person who actually “works” in a ministry and gives their precious time more than one day a week. Do you give to your church body or do you only take away from it on Sunday morning? Everybody wants to worry about the mule, yet very few want to load the wagon. Everyone is an integral part when the heavy lifting is done, but few are around to actually do the lifting.

It seems to me that the nation probably could have had a president that was not of exclusive European heritage if enough people had previously been concerned with loading the wagon, but that had never happened. At least in our community it never happened. President Obama’s campaign seemed to galvanize the people into loading the wagon, if for only a brief moment in time. It made me think about what else can be done if we all didn’t worry so much about the mule? Our children suffer because black men are not only out of the house but are being pushed out of the house. That’s right, I said it. Too many black women are not willing to load the wagon. You chose the mule, not let him lead the wagon or do a better job at picking the next mule you hitch your wagon to. Black men are not the total blame and some of us are getting tired of being EVERYONES scapegoat. Get your stuff together and the good black man will seek you out!!!

Are there too many maybes in your life for there to be a for sure? Stop trying to be in charge of everything without putting in the time it takes to know how to take charge. You have to follow first. Following will lead you to responsible leadership. Then and only then will you be responsible enough to lead the mule. Until this happens…..load the wagon, stop worrying about the damn mule. Stop trying to Chief before you Indian. Stop trying to lead others to the Promised Land and you have no map or navigational skills to get there. Until you participate you have no moral compass to critique the happenings at the church. You just might be the person who is meant to drive the foulness out of the congregation, but first you have to be engaged in the happenings and ministries instead of just offering your commentary(gossip).

With so many people trying to direct the mule no one is checking to see if there is even anything in the wagon to pull…A Damn Shame if you ask me.