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Friday, May 18, 2012

No one is going to really save us but US!

Somehow, the Social Inertia that has led to us to think and act like savages and blame all of OUR issues on others has to end. We have to find another object to act against the object in motion. Right now WE are blindly seeking the grace of God without willing to help ourselves. The people you blame for “OUR” issues are not going to save us so giving them the blame solves NOTHING. We have to save our own, starting with our children, one at a time! It is better to be in a position to receive GRACE (on the frontend) than to ask for MERCY (on the backend)!

It shames me that we are perpetually looking to others for the blame for our wrong doing or looking to blame others for our current negative situations. The problem with this is that you cannot get those that you blame to change a thing. Until you begin to look at your issue like it is your issue, nothing happens to mature a solution. I had to learn the very hard way that taking ownership of my issue is the one and true way to master it with a solution. It does not matter where the issue began, it is mine now and only I can fix it. Waiting on the stimuli that caused it to somehow fix it set me into a cycle of nothingness of just that…waiting! Why would the thing that created my problem help me to solve it? That thing will not help you to solve it until it has been reformed and the originators of our racial problems lack reformation or even acknowledgement that they originated the issue. Left on an island an entity will choose to survive or wallow in what it is that got them to that island. I choose to survive and focus on getting off the island. The broken vessel that got me to the island is not going to come to my rescue. Acknowledgement of this fact is the first part to getting to the solution.

Looking to God to supply a magic carpet ride off of this island will lead to a slow and painful hunger followed by an even more delayed death. Take notice that there are resources around you that may suffice for survival or better yet for getting off the island and saving oneself. All you have to do is make sure not to ignore the resources and take a step into the woods to go and get it. The fruit that drops from the trees has to be gathered and the animal has to be hunted if you plan to have nourishment to survive. The ship that gets you off the island will not build itself. If you are dependent upon the ship that got you there (welfare) to supply your needs once a month, it will stop coming ONE DAY. This I promise. Someone is paying for the ship to visit you once a month and they will some day, when you are no longer of use, stop visiting and leave you STRANDED.

Grace is the providence of things that are not deserved. This is sufficient if you are in a position to receive it. Mercy is the lack of what you really deserve. He who does not hunt will not eat. Asking that the mercy of nourishment is endowed upon you is a stretch and a chance that you do not want to worry into. Provide for yourself and grace will remain in the forefront. Waiting on others to provide for you and HOPE that there is mercy behind you and your misdeeds, is a losing proposition eventually.

We owe it to ourselves to take ownership of our issues and to supply answers to out many problems. Then and only then will what we have be enough and our children can follow the path that has been blazed for them, by our own footsteps. This blame that we give to an unseen “spook” is at its end as he will not come back to receive it or reconcile its fruit. We have to fix our own problems, no matter who caused them.