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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A stumble may prevent a fall

Failure is to be defined as though it were looked at by learned men. Unlearned eyes find little to no value in the action unachieved. When reflectively looking at your existence you may notice the very many pitfalls that “almost” got you along your route to what you define as prosperity. Of course this definition will be as countless as the people having them. You see many people will stop at the pitfall and announce it as evidence to discontinue progress. Many people will call it the warning before the storm. In this, be careful! If good things were meant for all, the struggle to attain them would be without obstacles.

It is that these obstacles perpetuate a toughness that creates endurance. The obstacles are to help you to get over the next obstacle in the road. The next one promises to be more difficult and more fulfilling than the last one. Many more people have failed than the numbers of people that have tried. I say this to say you have already failed when you refuse to try!

The test that was so difficult to pass, the bully that you had to find a way to overcome, the people in your worship center that cause distractions, the parent that is not what a parent should be, the drugs that you fought the temptation to try, the significant other that proved unfaithful, or the friends that proved to be enemies. These were all stumbles along your path that taught you how to stay on your feet before your REAL obstacles occur. Do not get them confused with your fate. You are never your situation!

Those that refuse to embrace the challenges of the stumble refuse to move forward n life. You will notice that many people will let their stumbles define the rest of their lives. They fail to realize that greater lies ahead of them. They just have to be able to negotiate the stumble that they confuse for a fall. Today let your friends know that obstacles are to be overcome with effort and time. You cannot plant your life in any one situation. Life is a series of situations that create endurance and smiles.

Your stumbles are to be testaments to your power to avoid a fall. You are not always in charge of the stumbles but you are in charge of making sure it is not bigger than that which it is. Recognize your stumbles that help you to avoid falling and embrace the good that comes from it. Play the game instead of complaining from the sideline. Players have ups and downs…More ups though!

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