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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When your woman stops trippin with you...she is really TRIPPIN!!

That thing that your woman does that bothers you furiously, that thing that we like to say is nagging. You want to go out with the fellas and she gives you a hard time about it, she blows your phone up because she can’t locate you, she constantly tells you to help around the house, she wants you to be more affectionate. Yeah, that thing that bothers you so much that you look at her in a different way. That thing that bothers you to the point that you just consider, just consider, ending this thing we call a relationship.

Many times this is her way of letting you know either she cares (in a strange Women are from Venus way) or that you really need to address this issue. Often times this happened before the marriage or before the kids so you knew fully what you were getting into so don’t sing me the sob story. Grown men can ignore a lot because of a big butt and a smile (Poison). You knew what you were getting and didn’t consider if you could stand it in the long run. It got a little more worrisome when her mid-section added inches. She started to get on your last nerve when her butt was not as bikini ready as it was when you met her. The big butt and smile blinders were lifted and it got to be unbearable when she stopped doing that “thing” that you enjoyed so much because circumstances changed and responsibilities mounted, and there were considerations other than making you smile 24 hours a day. Get over yourself MAN!

Well, brother, it aint what it seems when she suddenly stops “trippin”. Many of us are so full of our self –anointed righteous hegemony that we simply ignore the forest because there are too many trees. Everyone is not equipped with the ability to rationalize and think through thoroughly, a situation that changes suddenly. Many of us think that we are the cause of the change of action.

Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t!

Put this one in your bag of knowledge to share with the younger brothers (because this information is too late for many of us). Usually, when she stops trippin with you it is not that she all of a sudden became cool, straight, chill, impassive, levelheaded, or she just plain finally got it. Many times she stopped trippin with you because she found someone else to trip with (let that soak in). Yeah, that’s right; her concern is no longer what you are doing because it now is focused on Jody and what he is doing. Brothers, that don’t get it are too busy doing what they are doing to pay attention to a shift in their relationship dynamic. Come on in late, she doesn’t really care. It gives her more time to give to someone else. Stop going places with her, she refuses to keep begging. It is because “he” is probably going to meet her there. All of a sudden she stopped blowing up you phone, I bet you that Jody’s number is peppering that cell phone bill.

The next time you think that she is trippin, you should really be entertained and comforted by the fact that SOMEBODY is trippin with you when you are not right. You knew she would do this. Hell, she started when you met her. It is only when she is no longer “trippin” that things are not what YOU think they are….believe me. Lessons learned from having four sister playa!! Play the game right.

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