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Friday, May 2, 2014

Why I believe Donald Sterling should not be forced to sale the Clippers

Did the NBA owners and their appointed “Commish” throw ol Don Sterling a bone? It is my contention that he should continue to own his franchise and not be forced to sale. I do not want to imagine a world where unpopular beliefs or statements can result in the forced sale of a person’s property or business.

Donald Sterling made some negative statements about minorities. His true feelings came out or at last we finally paid attention to what has been demonstrated to be in his heart for some time now or at least in the times he has owned an NBA franchise. It seems that it took his words not his actions to bring about a change, not typical! NBA owners, coaches, players, and even the fans ignored his antics for years and now in righteous indignation we want what could amount to his last days to be a horrible public experience.

I believe the owners threw Donald Sterling a bone when they committed to “force” him to sale his franchise. Imagine this scenario: Donald Sterling was forced to keep his franchise. He would be forced to watch as his Clippers franchise dwindled in value as sponsors dropped, fans refused to show for his games, and players dodged the pit that is the LA Clippers franchise. With these, the franchise would become a sinking ship that spilled money as it nosedived to the depths of an ocean of financial ruin. Organically these things would have happened if they just fined him and left him alone. This would have created a buyers’ market on the franchise and ol Masser Don would have been ORGANICALLY forced to sale at a price that would be significantly lower than the Clippers are valued at on 5/2/2014. With no sponsors, no players, no fans, and no pity he would have been forced to make the wise business decision of offering his business for sale at a cheap price (by NBA standards of course). Instead the owners of the other NBA franchises publicly call for his head while behind closed doors assuring that ol Masser Don is guaranteed a good price on his way out the door as Oprah Winfrey, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Oscar de la Hoya, Magic Johnson, and even Dr. Dre and Puffy want to put in bids . What they did is created, prematurely, a war of these various groups that are willing to help drive the price of his franchise up to no doubt record numbers for an NBA franchise…WATCH and see! Do you really believe Donald Sterling is upset about this…hmmm?

I can’t help but feel this was part of the plan. Remember, Donald Sterling is an old member of this fraternity and his frat brothers are still his frat brothers in finance. Could they have outsmarted the rest of the world behind closed doors by telling Sterling to pretend or even actually fight the sale to drive the price further north?  As for me I am glad he did what he did. An outed racist is a better for me and those that look like me than the ones under the white sheets. At least I know Donald Sterling doesn’t like me! As for the rest of the NBA owners, the jury is still out.

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