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Friday, June 4, 2010

When God sends you a MAN, Let him be the MAN!

I recently had a conversation with a very dear loved one about the man in her life. They were really having major problems regarding the direction of leadership in their rather new relationship. Her life wasn’t going in a prosperous direction and many mistakes had been made. Previously, she had been asking and praying to God to bring a man into the lives of her and her children. In the past she had dealt with adult children disguising themselves as men. These relationships always came to less than positive ends.

God answered her prayer and sent a man to her. This man was not without some damage and not without some issues, but, he was a MAN. HE had learned from his major mistakes and was in the midst of turning his life into something that he would be proud of…if only he could find a woman to grow with and grow for. He was now her protector in more than just the physical sense of the word. He wanted to also protect her from people and things that had caused his life to move toward self-created storms. She was too close to her own situation to see her mountains. Not knowing they existed prohibited her from trying to climb and overcome them. Ever wonder why you can’t see the warts on your own face? It allows others to be a part of your improvement!

In undue time, their relationship faltered! You see, what she asked God for maybe more than she was really ready for. A woman who has never had a MAN has a hard time recognizing and having one. She must learn to have a man. A man tends to do things that a woman devoid of a man is not used to. He may work to help her to remove things, people, habits, and practices that are detrimental to her life and existence. This is something that she will not be accustomed to. In her eyes she has done a good job at this before the man she so diligently asked for arrived. The proof is in her “great and wonderful life” before he arrived. If that works for you dear, keep doing what you will and stop asking for a man. With this man there will come positive change. This will be the indicator that this is the MAN that God has sent to you and for you.

In speaking of this woman who wants a man, those people that mean her harm will be reluctant to continue to be in her life, and those negative things that she held so dear will become wilted in the presence of a real man. When she is not ready for what she asked for she will only be able to see the MAN as attempting to “run” her. She will not be able to deal with his issues, as if she has none that he has to look past. She should not try to make him perfect, and he will deal with the issues that her past life has given to her that make her imperfect. Did you hear that? You are not perfect so do not act as if you are doing this man a favor by being in his life with ALL of your issues. Many times she has been doing a terrible job at running herself before his arrival. Her so called friends will be turned off at the sight and actions of a real man who really cares for her. God will answer your prayers! Just make sure you are ready to have them answered.

I told my loved one that she needed to remember that what is for her is for her. This man is not for the enjoyment, support, or approval of your “friends”. You know if he is leading you and your household in the direction in which it needs to proceed. YOU KNOW! God never promised you that it will be perfect. It usually is not perfect for you see the MAN that he sends NEEDS you also. Have you ever thought that God placed him with you for his own good as well as yours? Bring God’s plan to demise at your own peril. When you drop to your knees again to ask God for a “good man” again, really think about the possibility that you had him already. Did you do your part to make him all he could be? Did you think that maybe you were the answer to his request of God? God’s plans work for the good of ALL things not just your things. Be a part of the plan and be ready for what HE sends to you. Just as well, be better prepared to be a good steward of what he send to you to nurture and improve and to help…That MAN!

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