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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Men Don’t Cheat

Men are never at a point where we naturally want to be monogamous. Not many men can get to a point where they DON’T want to cheat. There are some, no, many which are just plain shallow and empty. Recognize that these will never be men and walk on by. There are also the men out there that are unfulfilled and others that are just plain unhappy. Many conversations and commentaries focus on why men cheat. I want to focus on what happens to make a man not cheat.

First and foremost he has to be a man! Fulfillment in all aspects of a relationship can make a man very happy and wanting more of that woman. The aspects are many and the scenarios are even more as the strokes are different for different people. A man must want to come home to what it is that makes his heart thump. This thing or these things will not be the same for every man and there must be a REAL understanding as to what this is! Simple Example: If football is his thing, make sure that you are able to support his thing. Don’t pretend to be into what he is into to have the rug taken from underneath his feet one day. Understand that WHATEVER his thing is, IS his thing. Men that don’t cheat tend to have women that understand that before any rings are exchanged. Contemplate truly if his thing can find a place in your life before committing to any relationship! I expect that there is enough imagination in each reader to know how to take the example and relate it to WHATEVER his thing may be.

Make his castle just that! Keep in mind the A king hardly leaves A castle and the peasants try everything to alleviate themselves of their surroundings. Kings subjects recognize this and consider it special to see him. Make the home the most comfortable place in the world for him to be in! Know when to be quiet and let him enjoy his castle. EVERYTHING is not worth arguing or talking about at that moment! Many cheaters get run into the street by the monster-wife/girlfriend residing in their home.

Men that don’t cheat view their significant other as an asset that appreciates with age instead of an investment that depreciates as it gets older. Be a house and not a car! Find out how you can make him better and help, not push, him into that direction with encouragement. We all want a woman who makes us a better man. Evaluate each year where you were and what you both did to make the other better in the last 365 days. Spinning our wheels with a women leads to nowhere! Pick him up after failure and give him the encouragement to try again to be successful instead of CRUSHING HIS DREAMS! There is another out there that will.

Understand that there are many women that have identified him as a man and they lie in wait on you to make mistakes with that man. Know what you have and act like you have what you have. Show him by action that you know what you have and you intend to make his life exciting enough that other women pale in comparison. Men love women that work out (We want an attractive women that other guys want), look good, behave with dignity, and know how to act according to the occasion. Her mind is open and she is strong enough to continue to be a girlfriend! Find a way to remember why you got together in the first place and keep it on your mind…ALWAYS!

Ultimately ALL men are conditioned to want to cheat. Men that don’t cheat really contemplate the worthiness of cheating and come to the “HELL NO” conclusion. We are not perfect but we do want to be able to want to go home and want to know that no other woman holds a candle to what I have at home, at least for me! ALL men don’t cheat. I promise you that. Men really want it all at home and can be happy if (2)the castle is right, (3)the woman knows what she has and acts like it, (4)she tries her best to look her best, and (5)she KNOWS what his thing is and respects and nourishes it. Number one for me is she has to have an understanding of God’s plan for her life and ours together. She must be able to embrace that and know both her and her man's places in that plan. I do understand that we all don’t believe the same thing and that one piece was just my most important.

If you know your man is happy, you don’t have to ask him. I could write about this one all day but it is a blog and I need to be brief.

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