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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Be careful to not miss the message because you dislike the messenger

In this life things are quite often not what they may seem. Death is not always the taker of life but can sometimes be the giver of new life and inspiration. Freedom can be a burden to one who has been incarcerated physically or mentally. Sudden great wealth can create a longing for the simpler days of less responsibility and less dependence. It is said the inventions are created because of necessity and not always because of idealistic capitalism.

In all that I previously stated there were messages that could potentially be hidden from the unclothed thought. I learned some time ago that a message is just that, a message. I have gotten a wealth of intuition and knowledge from messages that other people have forsaken because of its source. My father taught me as a youth to LISTEN intently to what ALL people say. “You don’t want to miss the message of even a fool. Even the message of a fool has some power and in not hearing it you lose your power.” This was one of his many teachings to me. I know that many of my contemporaries miss vital messages from friend and enemy because they hate the deliverer or the circumstance.

Have you ever thought about the change in history had the right people been listening, instead of ignoring, when Hitler first became a public figure. How much can we learn about ourselves by listening to the way our so called enemies perceive us? Do you really believe the Devil got to be powerful because of his ignorance to God’s messages and ways? Is everything that an enemy says about you wrong, really? I think that careful introspective looks into ones existence can provide a window into what needs to be changed. For some people placing a message in a book is the best way to make sure it lives a clandestine life. Countries that hate one another have learned that listening precisely to the meassages of their enemies gives great power. Spying, is what their enemies call it. To the country that is doing the listening, it is called INTELLIGENCE.

I have watched as people pay more attention to the Pastor than the message. I shutter when thinking about the wonderful messages that Tupac Shakur’s music disseminated when I think of all of the people that will never hear his voice. Why, because they did not like him or hip-hop. The same can be said about the beautiful music that the Beatles made, many of it missing those that love hip-hop. The messenger is never important. It is always about the message. The message from those that you hate is as important and sometimes more important than the message from those that you love. Be very careful to open up your ears, mind, and heart to those things that make you uncomfortable. In doing so you will intellectually and emotionally learn how to accept or reject the rhetoric from others. Most importantly you will learn to reinforce your arguments and organize your thought instead of raising your voice in ignorance. Sometimes tragedy births opportunity. Make sure you are able to see it coming. Be careful to not miss the message because you dislike the messenger.

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