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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Balance is the secret to a peaceful life

Balance is the secret to a peaceful life. Not too much and not too little will suffice. Many lives are lived in a tumultuous manner because people are not aware of “enough”. Enough time doing what, enough resources, enough spirituality, enough candor, enough leisure, enough work, enough of someone else. There must be a point where your cup runneth over.

In adulthood there are pressures that can overwhelm the most astute among us. We can all be overcome with just plainly “too much”. Everyone has a breaking point. That breaking point is usually achieved over a period of time that may cause the water to either boil or dissolve. This will depend on your state of being in life at the moment. There must be lucid moments that can help you concentrate on your harmony, your symmetry, your steadfastness, in another word….your precious balance. You have to know when too much has been handed to you. You have to also know how to give the extra burden away and to whom to give the extra burden to. The last sentence was VERY important! I do know that we all don’t believe the same but you must know where your help comes from.

You have to seek that help or, if spirituality is not for you, find a way to relieve yourself of said burden, IF POSSIBLE! Some burdens are yours alone and there is usually a reason that you have been chosen to carry this responsibility. Many people are too serious with the weight of the world on their shoulders. They fail to realize that there are 6,814,800,000 of us with an annual increase of 1.8% each year. Surely some of us can help you with the tremendous weight on your shoulders. You only have to be willing to share the burden.

Life is a blink of an eye and should be enjoyed to the fullest. There must be a time and a place for all things. How would you know that you are in good time if you have no idea what bad times are? How do you know that there is a God if you have never been made to call his name? How do you know that victory is sweet unless the sour taste of defeat has been on your lips? How do you know he is a Prince if you have kissed no frogs?

Love but let go, dance to the bad music too, smile at an enemy, listen although you have heard it already, pose foolishly when no one is looking, and learn even though you are smart. Be the one to recognize that it is over. Recognize when you need to stop pushing “your” God on to others. Be willing to be of service to others, even when you may miss the festivities.

There must be time to relax, worship, love, be stupid, watch low-brow television, scream loudly, do something you probably don’t want anyone to know about. Run a marathon or walk it just because others think you can't. Find time to work out, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually! Don’t wait until you are 50 to start living that catch up life. IT AINT THAT SERIOUS! Most of our complications come from our own minds but someone else’s thoughts. Figure out what really balances your life. Go for it and love every moment. Find your Yang…Ying!

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