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Friday, April 2, 2010

This is what happened to the American Black Men!!

Destitute of moral caution, the 60’s was an experiment in retarding a race of people via free love, sex and rampant drug use. The counterculture of this time was not the gravy train it is historically mentioned to be. A generation of African-American youth, especially males, was negatively impacted by the libertine attitudes that dominated this era in time.

Those left to suffer were the offspring of those chemically and/or politically enlightened masses. You see this generation dropped the ball in the rearing of the next generation of black males in America. This is the generation that walked away from their sons either because they were too high to accept responsibility or too sober to accept what they created in drunken or drug-enduced stupors.

This generation left a generation of grown boys in the 80’s that lacked fatherly direction and perpetuated the single mother homes of that generation. The 80’s black males lacked that father in the home and that got worse in the 90’s and is getting worse each coming generation. They dropped the ball! The men that were to raise us were busy trying to run from the responsibilities that their fathers embraced. It was a time of counter reality and consequences be damned. I don’t know that the African race of people in America ever recovered.

It has led to boys living in men’s bodies, gangs acting as father figures, a lack of moral compass, and no strong work ethic, angry black males that hate themselves as fathers because they had none and least of all a deprivation in the respect that we should be bombarding on our queens. They left a generation of sister slim pickings to choose from. I am truly sorry Sister and apologize profusely, since they won’t. They at least owe you that. This generation is why you have such a hard time finding a mate.

They dropped the ball in their selfish, cruel, and childlike behavior. They played in the playpen until it started to look raggedy, and then they moved on. They are still moving on. Most of them are now into the 60’s and approaching seventy. They turned out the generation of boys that had children in the 70’s and 80’s. These offspring are menaces to their societies without fathers that didn’t learn to be fathers because they had none.

Shame on you if you know that I am speaking of you old man!……………Horror on the rest of us, especially black women.

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