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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you too comfortable to be scared?

Our lives are directed by the many small choices that we make that will largely affect our futures. Lives lived or lives wasted, these crossroads force us to pick a way to the next objective. Sometimes this objective is positive and at times during the countdown to our eventual next life, the negatives seem to expand exponentially.
What we chose to do to grow or shrink should be more closely scrutinized. Because you are maintaining, this does not diminish the opportunity for drastic catastrophe. A wiser, older person once told me that she works out and eats right not to avoid death, but to avoid the turmoil that an excruciatingly painful death could cause her loved ones. Her exact quote was, “Trennan, this is not about living or dying, it is about avoidable suffering!” She believed that God was in control of HIS part and she needed to get some control over hers. This was quite a revelation to a 27 year old youngster who assumed he knew it all. I had no idea I was a mere 3 years from figuring out I knew NOTHING.

Fear can be an extremely great motivating factor in being all that you are meant to be. I have always had a health fear of God, my father, and failing to continue after a failure itself. I now know that there is growth in each failure. I also know that many more people have failed than the number of those that have tried.

Clouding and masking this healthy fear, quite often, is comfort. There are so many people that are so comfortable that they are not afraid. They find comfort in their situation, their health, their education, their finances, their relationships etc. to be afraid. I am never so comfortable with my wife that I sit in front of the television and pop back beer and expand my girth. You see I know that she wants to see something that is pleasing to her senses. I know she loves me regardless, but I love her enough to not get too comfortable. We still date, we still wrestle, and we still travel. I take nothing that she has helped me to become for granted.

You see I am too scared to ever become to comfortable. I watch people eat like they have no idea that they are killing themselves. I watch people so comfortable that they never consider how these small decisions affect those they leave behind. I watch people abuse their comfort into situations that render them unable to reverse negatives and continue on cobblestoned roads of undoing. I watch physical inactivity turn into decay of the mind and limbs.

Fear can be an awfully strong point of origin for invention. It can make you become what you never ever perceived. Comfort can be something to aspire to but be mindful that it can create a monster of paralysis. If you are too comfort to fear what you should fear get it together!!

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