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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am not a smoker, but I AM mad that the government is telling me I can’t

Whatever happened to adults making adult decisions for themselves? Why have we so readily conceded and accepted the new “nanny state”? I am not a smoker nor do I ever aspire to be one. I happen to think the addiction/habit to be disgusting and vile. I also happen to think that adults should be able to determine if they want to smoke or if they agree with me. The fact that so many municipalities have banned smoking in bars and clubs is just too ridiculous to me. I thought these were the places you went to exercise your right to legally engage in behavior of the adult nature. Not a place where our “new parents’ could still shake a finger at us.

Why do so many smokers have to be subject to banishment because one idiot doesn’t like it or feels it is unhealthy for them? If you feel that way, I have a quick solution…DON’T PATRONIZE OR WORK IN THE ESTABLISHMENT!!! I happen to be a person who fails to see the enjoyment in filling ones lungs with the poisons that lead you into pain and death, so I purposely navigate away from establishments that cater to that crowd. Novel idea, right! I also enjoy the fact that they can choose to smoke if they wish to in a place where other smokers converge. The promise of this being a free nation and the thought that your adult directives not come from the government is quickly eroding. We are in the midst of teaching our children that they are no longer responsible for their actions, the government is. In that, we are also teaching them that we no longer have the will or the capacity to raise them morally and sensibly. We just quit…thinking that is!

Be really careful about the power you give to the office of Presidency, for your candidate will not occupy it forever. The power remains with the office and gets to be better exploited by the next person calling 1600 Pennsylvania home. I really hope people contemplate this as it concerns all offices all the way down to their elected dog catcher. Things done “for the good of the public”, should be critically studied before they are accepted. They should also be carefully monitored with a way to ultimately undo the deed when such a need arises.

I am very critical of knee-jerk reactions that spawn governmental interference with our lives. The killers of James Byrd should get the death penalty because of the murder of a man and because of the manner in which it was carried out. I don’t want the government to insult me by HAVING to consider the death penalty because it was a hate crime. What will happen when these same laws are used on a black person who has a career of victimizing other black people? Is his next crime considered a hate crime? Better question, what happens when that career criminal African –American commits a murder against a white person…and get this…all of his previous victims were, wait for it…WHITE! How many brothers will be locked up for hate crimes in the next 20 years? I wonder. I am not a conspiracy theorist; I am just one brother who tries to think it all the way through before reacting!

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