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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I grow with no nurturing, love, or support, I prey upon the condolences of the beaten-down and betrayed.
I am hated by the efficient, yet that encourages the pain I bring.
Those that embrace me have little idea that I even exist and prosper in the light of their own darknesses.
I move backwards as I stand still, I am endured by races of people against the hopes of their most distinguished and decorated.
I am the lover and encourager of deeds that produce nothing, I am the prosperous time-taker.
I am the seeker of life light, the extinguisher of small bright flames, I am the deceiver of those in servitude.
I am the distinct enemy of development. I am the ghost of the vote
I call myself apathy!
I was there in the wasteland of ideas, I am present in support of those that talk loud and say mostly nothing
I am the sponsor of non action, the liberator of wasted resources.
I call my offspring and decedents derogatory names and hasten their demise with alibis and justifications for makeshift.
Your life is not your own when you subscribe to my popular philosophy
I call myself apathy!
I excuse my minions from all political thought, processes, and genuine know-how
I truly love that others will get’r done and keep a large measure of control of my subordinates
I know what I don’t know and that’s cool with all that I know. I have no need for understanding or knowledge
Leave that to those other folk
I march on to a solid existence of true ineptitude and squander my childhood passions because of what they say
I see no skill around me, maybe because I make sure all of my eyes remain shut
I see no good, speak no good, and, Jah, God, Jehovah, Allah, forbid, do no good…what good would it do?
I call myself apathy!
Who will move me?
There are no brave souls that will identify me. To afraid to be called out you know
Teachers allow me at their beheast for many of their kind embrace and entertain me
Parents welcome me while telling them THIS IS IT!
I am apathy and you need to know me too!
You see I must ensure that the apathetic masses remain with me. It is what feeds the world that moves around the wrong way!

Trennan E. Gamble

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