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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Men, break every mirror in the house and tell her she is ugly often!

I was thinking about the true beauty in an ugly woman. I am not speaking of her physical beauty alone but of the whole beauty that makes her a woman. This beauty escapes many women and even more abhor it and seek to derange or modify it. It is one of the greatest mysteries of the world; why a beautiful woman cannot see it herself. It is as if her youth were spent in a house without mirrors and someone told her many times daily that she had no beauty to offer the world.

As a man, I am thankful that more women will not recognize the power they hold. As they go, so goes the world. Thank God that they don’t recognize this! Whew! Most acts by men, be they kind or treacherous, is at the very least an attempt to impress or have a woman. War and peace are often in her delicate hand. People at funerals often tell the audience that we must all travel the way of death but speakers never reveal that we were all born of the womb or egg of a woman. It is the one thing in the world that most living entities have in common other than life itself.

To break the beauty that she was born with is becoming an increasingly easier task. Break every mirror in the house and telling her she is ugly twice a day would push her psychologically to the point that she is afraid and subservient to her abuser. Ladies, if this hasn’t happened to you it seems ludicrous and crazy, but it happens to many women that are a diminished version of what they are meant to be. Have other women berate her and allow her to only see the underbelly of this life. This will serve to create a great sense of the need for a protector and master. This will also help her to lose the self worth that she was born with. She will never know that nations were built and destroyed by the switch of her hips. She will never know that civilizations prospered and failed in her chamber. She will never know that men are powerless and deranged without her touch. This is why prisons have razor wire fences and guards with the ability to use lethal force.

As men we are thankful, in a devious way, to other women that help us to incarcerate the power that women collectively hold. If it were not for women themselves, women would run the world! We receive the benefit of women feeling they cannot meet the stringent status that other women establish. Women often wrest away pride that other women have in themselves. Divide and conquer has been the tactic since some great man among us found out that the power of women collectively was too great a challenge for male dominance to overcome. She needs implants, hair, nails, face paint, lipo, tucks, lifts, and other assorted adjustments, corrections, compressions, contractions, conversions, distortions, revisions, and variances to attract us…or is it to impress other women in this pseudo- masochist drive to be like other women you happen to really dislike? Remember a clown also wears make-up and wigs.

I for one hope that women never realize the power of the universe is in their hands. I really think that we, men, are doing a great job at running the world. We have enslaved, ravaged, murdered, plundered, starved, and experimented for our pleasure, knowledge, and profit. It is as the world should be. Women of the world, you are our helper so you have been just as culpable. We have psychologically raped and physically beat women into submission and cooperation. It is as lovely as can be.

The women’s liberation movement has even worked against you. It was built as a movement to give women equality and choices. Now it will not even let you choose to be mothers and housewives. Ironic isn’t it ?You are looked down on by other women for raising your children and nurturing your husband and home. Someone is still breaking the mirrors and not allowing women to see the beauty in the ugly women. Now it is women themselves. It did take a little training from us though(chest stuck out). We used to tell them many times daily they were ugly. Now they have been trained to tell each other how ugly their beauty is many times hourly! Even worse they train their daughters, the next generation, to do it at a more effective and efficient rate.

Women are not in the business of lifting each other up. They are very effective at tearing each other down, many times over a man that is not worthy of either of the two, three, four, or five of them(Sorry, too much Maury Povich watching). Foresight is something of a foreign word to many women. It is easier to let him have his way with me than it is to investigate him and find him worthy of giving him my most precious asset. Women will give you themselves before they will give you proper questions that may lead to the avoidance of a lifetime of turmoil and drama. Funny, they then act like their situation is new and that NO OTHER women they know has made this mistake so that they would not have to.

If I were a woman, knowing what I know, I would build my house of mirrors. I would take every opportunity to tell other women how great we are and how beautiful we are. I would work to build a network of women that walked along with the leaders of this world…I better stop there, I’m forgetting that I am a man. Too much information.


  1. I love this! And it is so true! We tear each other down so much that there is really no need for men to do it. I've been hurt so many times by some of the comments I've read elsewhere that are constantly dragging us down and through the mud. The comments made are often spoken by other women who themselves have been broken and feel the need to lash out. It's so hurtful to read some of the true feelings of other sisters who find it necessary to point out every flaw of their fellow sisters. I would agree that if all of us sisters would come together and lift one another up and work as a group, we could rule the world. I've been so distraught after reading some of those things, that I've often found myself wondering were they speaking of me. Of course, the offenders never say exactly who they are speaking of, so you begin to wonder "Was I wearing that?" or "Did I look like that?" or "Are they talking about me?" I've found myself many times second guessing myself because of something that was said on this other site and I try to snap out of it but subconsciously, I still wonder am I doing the things that they said they hated. Yes, I wear the weave, eyelashes, face paint, etc. but now I'm beginning to wonder: Just exactly what am I trying to accomplish by wearing all of it? Who am I trying to impress? Am I just following the fad or is this who I am? I still trying to figure it all out but it doesn't help to listen to other females nowadays. Constantly being called out as a female everyday for being too fat, too skinny, too dark, too light, too nappy headed, not nappy headed starts to wear on you! So, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to do what I want to do as long as I feel that it's not trashy and I will continue to praise other females that do the same.

  2. Great text. I would like to share it to my friends, if you do not mind. You have just made my day / week / month / year / life with the fact that there are PRINCE CHARMING for every lady in this world! Although I do not know you, I can truly say that I love you! Cheers, friend!