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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The world will end next week, I think

On things of significance, the world seems to more readily turn a blind eye. There are few left with enough spirit, knowledge, and foresight to be able to continue to matriculate their lives among the masses of psychopaths that call themselves sensible. What used to make sense to our parents begins to quickly erode what little privacy and rights of expression that we seem to think we have found ways to maintain. It just seems simply that things are spiraling out of our collective control. The Last Days are here at last and that brings some joy to parties of people that live to die and reach their piety in the sky (pun intended). These times are like no other and the end of the world as we are accustomed is surely near. We need to be absolved of all things unclean and re-commit our lives to the Most High (depending on which name for the builder of the world you choose to use).

This summation is the official stance of every human generation that ever lived. We are all about to die. We are all about to meet our maker. Since man has existed he has predicted the world will end next week. It is just that EVERY STINKIN one of them have been wrong, at least so far! Man's attempt to predict the demise of time has been documented at least since 44 AD when Theudas claimed to be the Savior and led 400 people into the desert with him to meet their demise at the hands of Roman soldiers. Many believed the end was near December 31, 1999 as a result of technophobia. Dr. Jerry Falwell believes the Antichrist is an already born male Jew. Many New Age writers follow the Mayan and Aztec calendars to predict the precise day of the planets demise. According to their educated guesses, it will be between December 12-22, 2012. Most of this is supposed to be ancient knowledge decoded in now or earlier not so ancient times. How does the math stay the same after the world's acceptance of the Gregorian calendar in 1582? Shouldn't the dates change after 1582 since we went to a 365 day year as opposed to the previous Julian calendar. I need some mathematician to figure the numbers out for me.

My special point is that every generation seems to think that as life gets easier, things get much worse and that we are doomed to move technologically toward our oft-guessed demise. No man knows the day nor the hour for one. I am a believer in God and in the Bible that I read Mathew 24:35-36 states "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone." How can Christians fall into believing that they can really tell when the end of times will occur? NOT EVEN JESUS KNOWS!!

I am sure that if I am blessed to be an elderly man I will really believe that my grandchildren's generations are bringing about the end of the world and that they just don't know what good music is. They need to listen to more Luke, NWA, Too Short, Geto Boys, etc. Ahhh, those were the good ole days, when music meant something to the soul. I really hate to imagine what they will be listening to. I really hope that I can maintain enough sanity to realize that everything has a season and mine would have probably passed by then. I will not tell them the world is about to end. I will tell them that no matter what people say they need to be prepared for it…WHATEVER that is to them. Stop listening to these mental midgets homilize about the end of the world. They know not when it will end

Every generation is at the cusp of dominating the world with wickedness. Every since Elvis shook his hips on national television the older generation has been on a tear to stop progress and invention. The world is not meant to stand still. There are still unimagined possibilities to be explored. There will always be old people to piss off. IF you are blessed, you will one day be one of them. We are meant to establish new things and to challenge the status quo. Remember this, Jesus challenged the status quo and the older generation and the sanhedrin(city council) were instumental in having had him crucified. You cannot really believe that your challenge and ultimate conclusion are greater than this! What would have happened if Jesus decided not to keep stepping on toes?


  1. I believe too much emphasis is put on when the end of the world will occur. What's more important than waiting on the end is to be prepared when it happens. When a person is prepared for something it doesn't matter when it happens because you are ready. If the world ends today or a thousands years from now won't matter if we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, He died for our sins and He rose from the dead. If we ask Him to come into our hearts and be our Lord and Savior, then when the end comes we can be certain that we will live forever with Him. Whether the world end in 2012 or whenever, when we die it’s not the end but a new beginning. I know one thing for sure and that is I want to be with Jesus because hell is too hot and eternity is too long. I can’t stand the heat here so I definitely don’t want to do hell.

  2. I found this profound and timely. It is very good to see and hear from a person whom I vaguely knew of for the bulk of my life speak such wisdom. I can't say that I was ever so inclinced to imagine that this subject could be so intricately examined and aptly applied to my own beliefs. Keep up the good work. Continue to believe the Bible and you keep His works in consideration.