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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

She's Crazy, but I love her.....WHAT?!

Some of our greatest stories to share are about that crazy girl or guy we once dated. Often the fact that they are mentally ill escapes them, but we know. Many people don’t know how to protect themselves from the kind of relationship that this person loves to be in. After all, everyone loves everyone in the beginning.

The issue is this: These nuts usually start to let you know pretty quickly that they are lunatic and sometimes a detriment to your physical health (violent). When she wants to spend ALL of her time with you, she is probably crazy and that is unhealthy. Balanced people understand time apart and value a wide array of friendships. If he wants to drive you everywhere, he is probably crazy. Most men enjoy a moment away from her, it in many ways rekindles.

Pay close attention to the “other” relationships in that person’s life. Usually they will let you know how wacky this person is. Crazy people can’t just keep their insanity contained to just one of their relationships. They are usually crazy with relatives and exes too. Watch closely the way people treat those they claim to love the most and remember that you are beneath those people they love most, so your time is on the way. I don’t trust my kids with people who treat their children like crap. Aren’t they supposed to love their children more than they love mine? If this is the case, you cannot tell me that you won’t treat my kids worse as soon as I am out of shouting distance. Pay attention to these things before moving on.

I’ll offer one more note on the crazies in the interest of keeping this short. They are always, always, very, very insecure and they let you know this week one! They ask you crazy questions and they always tell you about previous relationships, even if you don’t want to hear it. BE very careful to guard your personal information because they will use IT ALL to try to either keep you or get you back. Once you find out that they are crazy, STAY AWAY and change all codes to EVERYTHING! even if you didn’t give it to them. Crazy people WILL GET YOUR CODES AND PASSWORDS ANYWAY, trust me they spend hours of crazy time devising plans to invade your privacy…TRUST ME! You don’t want them checking your voicemail or tapping into ANY accounts online because they WILL use this against you, insecurity won’t allow them not to. It is their last ditch effort to CONTROL you. Last, this insecurity is mostly driven by something they did wrong, not you. You have to know when to fold them and cut your losses. This way we won’t have their crazy ass children walking around and you living the rest of your life in regret of meeting the crazy bastard or regretting from jail what you had to do to them!

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  1. Greetings Trennan!

    What an awesome post! You are truly on point and I don't have an argument. You hit the hammer directly on the nail and it is refreshing to know that there is another person who is intuitive like me.  I have friends and relatives that don't appreciate the time apart from their mates. To me, that is time used as a tool to be in search of myself. What's the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." I appreciate the times when my husband's friends drag him out of the house. We do need time apart. It is therapeutic for our marriage. It is not logical to spend every waking moment together. That is why I don’t understand relationships at my job. They ride back and forth to work and home together. Work cubicles away and the entire office knows when they are feuding. That’s too much!!!

    I can't help but giggle at your comment about people and their children. This is so true. You can't honestly treat my children with dignity or respect if I constantly see you mistreating your own! That is the prime reason why there are only a selected few individuals that are allowed to watch my children.

    LMBO! This post is so funny, but so true! Keep up the great writing!

    Take good care.