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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When they HAVE to let you in the game....I promise!

Parents often tell kids that education is the greater path to a better life. Although this is true, it is diminished by the "great equalizer". My Dad used to tell me to get an education. I was told that it would take me far. I was also told that my demeanor and my being respectful could also win over those in need of impressing. All of this is great advisement for not only children but everyone.

Later, as I began to enter into my teen years, my Dad didn’t deviate from his previous statements when he added the most important lesson about getting ahead in life. He told me that the door could still be slammed in your face if you had an education, money, or a great attitude. These were things that were paramount but they still required someone give you a chance. These chances are subject to individual discretion. My dad said, “The one thing that guarantees the door is open and can’t be closed son is your credit. If your credit is good they HAVE to let you in the game whether they like you or not.” My dad, rest his soul, had a little bit of militant in him. He would follow that by saying, “If your credit is good you can talk S**t to them and they have to kiss your a**. Education will take you far but credit will guarantee that the doors are open for you and your family!”

He explained to me that my credit was my word and that a person’s history of keeping the word that they gave is unmatched in the history of humanity. If you say you will do something and do it you will always be good. In addition to this the Federal government has passed laws to make sure that you will be taken care of equally as well as ANYONE else with good credit. We used to ride to Louisiana and Pops would tell me that if I wanted to stop by a bank in Vidor and get credit, they HAD to give it to me if my credit was as good as the other people they gave credit to, no matter what I looked like.

They could deny me in spite of my educational accomplishments. They can laugh in the face of my politeness and good manners. They can even find a way to shut me out because of the way I look…………………….BUT! IF my credit is good, YOU MUST let me in the game! Don't be fooled folks. Good Credit is the Great Equalizer.

Thanks for this jewel Eugene Gamble Jr. Love you Pop!

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