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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everything aint for everybody

In an attempt to “look better”, some sisters are doing a wonderful job. Hair extension, long nails, eyelashes, and even the high heels that seem painful. We see you sister and you do it well. That being said, there are a variety of brothers out there for the varieties of sisters. This look is not for everyone. If you think it is for you, by all means go get it Ma.

This commentary is to let you know that you all look good and that we(brothers), are liking your look regardless of what you do……………………………………or don’t do!

There are still brothers out there that find the beauty in you just as God made you. Kinky hair, thick, luscious lips, firm…ahem! Well you get my meaning. There are still brothers that are looking for sisters without the lacefronts or the extensions. This is not to say that you ladies don’t look good with them, it is just a reminder that you were BEAUTIFUL before these items of change as well. There are brothers that like all of it. I always enjoyed the fact that sisters come in all shapes, sizes, and variations of philosophy and thought. You go girl with your Hermès “Birkin” bag, Manolo Blahnik shoes, riding around in your Lamborghini Reventon. You look marvelous. So do you baby girl in the Nine West pumps, Guess bag, and the Toyota Camry. We can’t forget the girl in the Birkinstocks, dreads with cowrie shells driving around her Prius and rocking the red, green and black hemp bag. As well, we love you mommie in the old skewl Lac, smacking gum with the smell of “Spritz” illuminating from your beautiful crown.

The point is there needs to be more love of the various manner in which sisters express themselves through their individual styles. I LOVE YOU ALL! Shouldn’t you all love one another?

The next time you think that you don’t like her style, her vibe, her hair, her shoes, or just HER, think about what you would look like if ALL sisters rocked your look. Stand out girl and be proud of who you are. There is someone who loves the way you look as well as the way she looks. I like it all!

A friend once told me that there was no place in the military or on the police force for a black man. I calmly replied, “Do you really think that the military or the police would be better if we were not there?” He had no rebuttal. I say to you, “Do you really think the world would be better if there was no variety in sisters? Do you REALLY think that the world would be better if we were all Democrats? Variety is what spices our lives. Be you baby girl and that Prince that loves it will find and love you! Your style and flash makes this world a better place……especially for the different varieties of brothers!

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