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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Should you listen to a sinner? Is the message the same no matter whose mouth it comes from?

Should you listen to a sinner? Is the message the same no matter whose mouth it comes from?

Academically, socially, and religiously the answer should always be yes. This is if the message comes from a firm foundation of studied truth. Because a person is a sinner, a fool, or unlearned in the manner of a structured education does not make their message less palatable or even more erroneous. Recently, people have been putting much stock into their “leaders” and the actions that these so called leaders take on a personal level. None of us are perfect and we all fall short of …….well, if you were raised like me you know the rest.

Because a Pastor has cheated on his wife, is his biblical message about adultery inaccurate? Not so if it is grounded in the principles of your beliefs. The faith should not be put into the Pastor but into the message that comes from a higher power. If one studies this message for themselves they understand that the imperfect vessel carrying the message is to be ignored and that study would show that the message is still the same.

Because none of us a perfect and we WILL all fall to some form of temptation and/or sin, we must be very aware of the messages and less aware of the messenger. Many great men in history have been less than stellar in their personal actions. MLK, Tupac, King David, Jim Morrison, and probably your pastor, shaman, priest, imam, or spiritual leader (trying to cover a broad audience). In each case, these men still spoke messages of truth. Again, educating yourself on their messages would prove this to each individual. By the way, I wonder what people would think of your message if we shined a light into your affairs.

I leave the judgments’ to a higher power and keep it moving with the message. I know that I must forgive people for their indiscretions. I will need the same. I am full of imperfections and faults. I thank God that most of you pray for me instead of ridiculing me and am even more thankful that you don’t shine your bright lights in my direction, ohh am I glad of this…….I am still a work in progress, pray for ya boy.
Leave the expectations of holiness in man outside of what you perceive as reality. Acknowledge the fact that ALL men will make mistakes, some horrendous. Be willing to find the good in that person and be even more knowledgeable about what not to follow in that person. Pray without ceasing for the individual and recognize when they are being used by a higher power, even with their sins. God never said that he would only use saints.

Many people are now making excuses to not congregate because of individual human wrong doing and ignoring why they SHOULD congregate. Study to show thyself…….there I go again. It pains me to see people miss out on blessings because they say that the congregating place is full of sinners. Where else do you want them to be? My life is full of sin, so I try to beat the door in on Sunday mornings…….I need it! Why do you really not believe that you need to be in the company of those that believe as you? There is immeasurable power in that group, I promise. Have you really put so much stock into man that he can run you away, or, have you put so little stock in the higher power that HE cannot get you back? Think about it while the blood is still……....sorry, don’t mean to proselytize. I just can’t help myself.

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