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Friday, March 5, 2010

I’m not crazy. I am the only one in the world with sense, everyone else is crazy.

I’m not crazy. I am the only one in the world with sense, everyone else is crazy.

My title speaks of the thought of intelligent ignorance. Have you ever met someone who just doesn’t get it? You know those people that continue to do things the “crazy” way and promise you that their breakthrough is just around the next bend. Sometimes they are in your family, sometimes they are your associates and sometimes this person is you.

There is definitely a very fragile and thin line between insanity and genius; sometimes they are married as one. The hurdle to cross is finding out where you are positioned along that line. Many people will not get this to their collective psyches right away, but, they will get it sooner or later. This is if God blesses them with enough years. To be insane enough to keep trying it the same way and expecting a different result is just genius…….to a den of fools that is! At some point, preferably at a point when there is still some youth to be lived, a renaissance of though should take place to shake a person completely and help them with the adjustment from fool to student.

You see the mistakes we make are made to educate, not to push us into a continuous cycle of the EXACT SAME MOTION of error. When you get to the point that you believe that we are all crazy and you are the only one in the world with the good sense, you are either incredibly foolish or you are a brilliant thinker. Be very wise and cautious in making a decision as to which you are, it will usually be life altering, life directing or in dire straits life ending, philosophically of course, one hopes. When at the end of the rope tie a knot and ask for help. You cannot do ALL things alone. Think seriously and patiently about your next move and be informed of ALL of the possibilities. If the worst that is possible is more than you can handle, consider that in depth. If we all are crazy and you are the one that God gifted with the good sense……USE IT!.............................PLEASE!

When you find that traditional methodology is diametrically opposed to an action that causes you heartache, you are probably wrong in your action. Please recognize that the world does not revolve around you and that it will continue to spin upon its axis with no consideration of your drama. The rest of us crazy folk will eventually let you keep bumping your head until you realize it hurts. That is as long as it doesn’t interfere with our lives. Good Luck to you old sensible one.

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