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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Those that don’t sow will not reap!

Many times charity is abused and misused to create people that are dependent on you. This is very good for politicians as the people that can be made to be dependent on them can be a source of votes that create a prosperous political life. When you are dependent on this government you become a subject and run quickly away from being a citizen with inalienable rights that were granted by the Creator.

The question is this: Do we learn to fish or do we wait for someone(politician) to bring it to our table. If we do this, what happens when they decide to take the fish away? Do we give up some God-given rights for some measure of a little security? What do you think of Ben Franklin's quote "Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither"

I was, at times, a welfare child growing up. Luckily for me, my parents made me understand that welfare was a temporary means to give you an opportunity to prosper to the point where you needed it no more. My Mom would say,” You can’t stay on it forever, someone else may need it.” I focused highly on these words as a child.

I also knew that if I planted ONE seed in GOOD soil I usually got many fruit. I will repeat and add, ONE seed, MANY fruit; NO seed, NO fruit! I wish more people acted upon the knowledge and teachings that tell them that you will get noting out of it if you put nothing in it. It is not true that you get out what you put in. It is true that you get MUCH MORE out of something than you put in, ask any farmer.

More children (and some adults) need to be taught that the hard work of sowing seed into a field means you get to eat (prosper) in the future. Too many people are looking for something without putting anything into it. If you are today, a person that is giving NOTHING and expecting SOMETHING, I challenge you today to find a way to add to your worldly worth by making a contribution to YOUR society. The days of the people that want the most giving the least should end. This is especially true of our centers of worship. People have many resources for party and leisure, big cars, their large homes, their guilty pleasures, their spoiled rotten children and give $2.00 every week in church. Do you also find it thought provoking that these are the people that want the most (resources) from the church?

You should sow in many fields so that you can reap in many fields. This is the recipe for generations of prosperity. Invest your time and resources, donate valuable time and money, educate someone, learn more, plant something, exercise often, work tirelessly, be a part of something that is larger that yourself, and acknowledge where your blessings come from by putting something back to bless someone else. The benefits will be more than your basket, shaken and stirred, can hold! This I promise from my own experiences.

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