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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Men and women are both from Earth....sometimes their minds or on Venus and Mars though!

Fellas, there is no automagic prescription for making a woman happy. Because “IT” worked with one lady does not make it the gospel with them all. In conversation or in bed! Their happiness and satisfaction is something that has to be constantly worked on, modified, fixed, altered, made different, redone, refashioned, adjusted, fluxuated, transformed......(deep breath)you get what I’m saying. Even though we labor to understand them, we love them more daily. You know, can’t live with em, CAN’T live without em.


We DO have a problem understanding them, or we pretend to not understand them. We are hardwired to do things in a manly fashion. We are literal creatures prone to expect the same from others. We can’t read minds, we are criminally blatant with things that we may need to water down a little more, and for the most part, we are not emotional (except for the punks that are stalkers and drama-kings that attack everyone over “my woman”). This is a problem to her.

Ladies, more attention to what REALLY makes us happy would immediately decrease breakups and divorces exponentially in the world. We marry you hoping that you stay the same, and you don’t. You marry us hoping that we change, and we don’t. What made me happy will make me happy...JUST KEEP IT UP. It also helps to stay in your lane. Where that is will be determined by your relationship. If you wear the pants in your relationship, always do so. If he does, let him! Some men like an assertive woman that takes the household leadership by the reigns. Hey, if that is how you do it, fine. Just don’t retard the relationship by conveniently stepping out of your designed place when it fits you.

Ladies, more understanding is needed. Don’t ignore the things life tells you when you are dating. This is your precursor to the marriage or your lifelong commitment. Stop trying to make a man a mouse, a mouse into a man. He is what he is. You gotta love him or leave him alone. YOU CANNOT FIX A MAN WHO IS MADE ALREADY BY HIS MOTHER, or father. Find out just what makes that man happy and figure out if you can REALLY do just that, whatever it may be. If you can’t and you continue in the relationship, eventually someone else will.

Fella, more understanding is needed. First you have to understand that she is smarter, sneakier, more conniving, more convincing, and more loving that you can ever be or imagine to be. Those of us that understand this are better off than those that don’t. You can not beat her at any of your games! Make sure you are honest with her and see if she likes the REAL you, because sooner or later she will meet him. Tiger Woods know knows this. Let her play her part and you play yours. Be THE man instead of a man, some of you understand that and some will never understand that. Marry her knowing that she will change and you have to adapt to it. This is not rocket science. Many people make life harder than it has to be by simply avoiding critical thought. Life really shouldn’t be so rough!

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