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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Because he is a Democrat it is OK....Really?

How is it that Harry Reid’s comments have not been called out by our self-anointed, “black leadership”? I have a REAL problem with race politics and the cattle-mentality of the political parties. Let’s start with the plantation thinking perpetuated by the Democrats and their “black” henchmen. I will call no names (they and you know who they are).

Is it OK for Massa(Reid and other Dems) to say things that are not OK if you don’t have a –D after your name. His comments would mean almost political death had he been a member of another political party. What happened to justice being blind? Maybe she bought some glasses. What happened is this: the henchmen who give fish to the masses instead of fishing lessons and rods are circling the wagon around this “good white folk”. I hear very little uproar in our communities, even smaller uproar on black radio, and almost nothing in any negative light among our black websites or newspapers…huh?

I welcome all to imagine, if you will, these comments were made by Dick Cheney, “I like old BHO, he is light skinned and only talks with Negro dialect when he wants to. I think we may be able to get him elected.” I would be justifiably upset, would you? Really? Well why not when the same commentary was made by Harry Reid, Democrat-Nevada? If this is not upsetting to you, I encourage you to look at how you really feel and just who you are taking your marching orders from. THIS SHOULD BE UPSETTING EVEN IF THE AUTHOR WAS BLACK! It doesn’t surprise me as much as it disappoints me to hear Rev. Al Sharpton’s comments. I am no fan of Rev. Sharpton, but I do believe there is a need for people in his capacity to exist, but lets’ call a spade a spade.

Harry Reid should face repercussions from people like Rev. Sharpton and that is not what is happening. Why do I hear nothing from the esteemed Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee? Why aren’t the “good white liberals” calling for Reid's head? Racism is racism, especially when it comes from a Democrat. Harry Reid’s comments fall in line with the great racist of American history…….most of them historically Democrat. I am not giving the Republicans a pass; I am just saying hold the Democrats to the same political punishment that would befall anyone else who made such comments, especially the Republican you most love to hate.

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