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Friday, January 29, 2010

Why is Mrs. Tiger Woods not in jail?

Imagine if you will a wife. She is quite a success and well known. Her biggest weakness is other men. Her husband finds out and is outraged. Why, because he found out that she has been sleeping around. Not a little, but to the toon of, get this, 14 men. These men are all over the country. They have been with his wife in New York, in Las Vegas, in Los Angeles and other places. She has also been communicating with these men in their shared abode.

What does the husband do? Well initially, in a fit of rage, he violently attacks her. He attacks her to the point that she has to hurriedly get away in the first vehicle she can get to. In her haste to save herself, she crashes the vehicle. After the crash, she notices that the husband is continuing his assault on her person, recklessly breaking windows in the vehicle to get to her.

Later when the dust settles, the world acknowledges that she is a whore. She knows that she deserves that, but they also forget about the violence done to her. She deserved it, at least in the eyes of the public. She should not have been sleeping around. How dare she embarrass her husband in that manner? This is sure to cost her millions in endorsements and even more in the opinion of the public.
The husband, well he is just devastated. This devastation means that no charges will be filed. No one will even mention, in tones of any error he committed, the incidents of the night before. His reckless behavior and his physically attacking his wife is OK…….after all she deserved it!

To make matter worse, she refuses to acknowledge that the beating happened. She even covers up for her husband claiming the injuries sustained were are result of the auto accident. It could happen in our upside down world……right? No not in this world, especially in this country......not where WOMEN are to be protected.

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