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Monday, January 25, 2010

Everybody hates Chris, but everybody doesn’t hate black people

A significant percentage of people I meet have a skewed version of racial relations. This significant percentage is among all races of my associates. None more than any other, but I guess this is just a secondary result of the project that is the Great American Melting Pot. There are significant numbers of racists, haters, sell-outs, and outright ignorant shells of people walking among us.

How we deal with them is up to us. In some respect these citizens deserve swift violent action (lest violence be committed against your person), and in other instances more peaceful means of retaliation or protest are warranted. The degree of response is usually a well chosen conclusion thought out by the casualty, or at least this is what we hope for… know, in the spirit of fairness, justice, and equality.

If your home is made of glass, you might want to chill on living too close to rocks. Many people go out into the world, excuse in hand, waiting to be a victim of some sort. Often they pounce upon the opportunity to say that someone wronged them because they are prejudice. Are they really? Do you have you affairs in such great order that they can only pick on you because you are not like them? Really? Is this the first time you have made such accusations? Probably not.

It is perhaps time you take at look into your own soul and try to figure out what kind of citizen you are. Maybe you are not liked because you are a slacker, or a gossip, or a bum, or just plain SORRY! The time has come to weed these kinds of people out of our system of living. We maybe need to have them improve themselves instead of thinking that everyone is out to get them because they are black.

There are some people that will not like you because you are not like them, but not everyone. Hell some of you are even disliked by your own people…what’s your excuse now? Fix you, for real, and then determine if there is really fire where that smoke resides. If this is not the case, then you are just blowing smoke. Time out for those that are walking around with the excuse of prejudice, waiting on an opportunity to use it. In my father’s words, “Prejudice and racism truly exist son, so what!……you do something about it, don’t wait on them to.” People may not like you because you don’t look like them, but they will hate you for complaining about it. Find out how to overcome the obstacle instead of creating a greater one. Combat ignorance with success. Ignorance hates success!

Moral: When everyone is out to get you, usually YOU SUCK!

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