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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you are the broken brick….get FIXED, or get out of the way of progress.

It has long been my belief that a brick home can only be built one brick at a time. Each brick must do its part in support of the other bricks or the home falls down on its worthy foundation. If one brick, just one brick starts to neglect its duty the other bricks fall awful victim to the degradation of the one brick.

Is it the fault of the other bricks that the one brick failed in its duty? Should they start to stray from their path because this brick is negligent, in effect weakening their own position? Is it a true enough fact that the other bricks were ALREADY in support of this brick by simply doing their job?

Although the other bricks are doing all they can to hold the structure from collapsing onto its foundation, sadly, they are doomed to failure if this brick does not step up to the challenge and find success. The unfunny part is this; had the one brick been able to do its job, ALL of the bricks would have worked in perfect support of one another.

This is my view of the state of Africa America. Why is it that one brick fails to overstand that it is a very important part of the foundation not having to support a collapsed structure? I wish we could get everyone to understand and play their part in this so called life. Like the brick, no one is going to support you but your own, given you are doing your part. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED and are as weak as our weakest part. Somehow we have to get parents to start parenting. We have to get teachers to start teaching, we have to get children, and this is the important part, to be children again. They are empty vessels that are not to be filled with poison.

If all of your children are not good people, please, please, PLEASE take a good look at what it is that you are doing. If your son is walking round looking like a fool with his pants on the ground…..well, I should not have to tell you what is appropriate. If your daughter is confused about what it is that she really is to give the world, educate yourself so that you may make her what she is really to be.

To all of you good bricks don’t stray too much from your path to honor the bricks that don’t want to support the structure. Progress is similar to the falling airplane drill. You have to put your mask on before you are able to help someone put their mask on. You must focus on your life to be a blessing in someone else’s life. To give ultimate support to the faltering brick, make sure all of the bricks surrounding it are strong enough to hold the structure together while the faltering brick is repaired. If the faltering brick refuses repair, replace it. After all, no one guaranteed all bricks would get to the Promised Land.

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