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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just because you are a baby-mama, does not necessarily make you a mother Hun.

Let’s get this straight. All men are not horrible, or dogs, or deadbeats, or bums. There are still good men out there. Let’s get this straight also. All “baby-mamas” and ex-wives are not saintly; holding their own in this crazy world, thumping their Bible’s every night either.

Yesterday we talked about “I’m proud because I pay child-support” guy. Please don’t think anything I write is inclusive of EVERYONE, I repeat, please don’t think anything I write is inclusive of EVERYONE. That guy needed his issue and I fully intended to give it to him yesterday. Hopefully, I met with some success. There are some struggles out there with good guys that just want to be good fathers to their children and are up against the dreaded SCORNED WOMAN. I really feel sorry for this man and applaud his unusual patience. I know some of you, Tony and Andrew to name just two.

Just because you are a baby-mama, does not necessarily make you a mother Hun. There are some downright WRONG women out there that, for whatever reason, punish their children in their attempt to get at the father. This is ridiculous and should be punishable by a nice five finger open hand smack in the mugshot….but I don’t advocate violence (lol). There needs to be more justice for fathers that do what is required and/or more and are confronted with a woman that still doesn’t think it is enough. The money is for the child, not for you and your new endeavors (or man).

Although the daddy is the father of the child, in actuality, we went half! Where is her half? Although she is the custodial parent, sometimes undeservedly, she needs to realize that SOME support needs to come from her as well! I am not speaking of you sisters that are out there getting it or the sisters that are TRYING to get out there and get it, Love you all and keep doin what you do with your beautiful selves. But tell ya homegirl, you know, the one that refuses to work, that she needs to step her game up. If she doesn’t have the kids, tell her she needs to pay something, SOMETHING! My boy Andrew has not received a dime in support for his two children EVER. His oldest is on her way to UT-Austin next year and the other child is following in her large footsteps. This brother is to be commended. He has been doing it all alone from the parent perspective. His struggle has been great, I am his witness. Why is this brother having a hard time finding a GOOD woman? Another friend is catching grief from an ex-wife who thinks that he should be responsible for her and her new man, I use the term MAN loosely. Why is the suffering of the good brothers unnoticed? Where is their Maury Povich? Who tells their story to all those women that think that there are no good men out there? God knows I hope all that is due to the good brothers, they get. I also hope that all that is due to those bad “baby-mama’s” THEY ALSO GET!

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  1. First of all a man paying child support doesn't make them a father. A child needs their dad’s attention and time. It's funny how some men can spend time with other women and their kids instead of their own and think that the child support should be good enough. WRONG!!!! So let's keep it real. The child support is supposed to be for the child's basic necessities. Not for their wants. So if the money is put towards the rent, guess what? They have a roof over their heads. If the money is put towards food, guess what? They have to eat. If the money is put towards the cable bill, guess what? They have to be entertained educationally through the grade of cartoons that cable does provide. I don't even watch cable. They won't let me. If the money is put towards the house phone bill, guess what? We need a phone for emergency purposes at all times. If the money is put towards gas for the car, guess what? They have to get to school. So while us single parent moms are playing both mommy and daddy and making sure that the kids have their lessons done for school, food to eat, clothes on their backs, and a bath every night, who are you or any other man to judge us. What about US though? For all of our hard work you don't you think that we deserve something??? Please... But as far as the other issues you spoke about concerning some mother's, I agree. And I am going to end on this note. Ladies, these kids did not ask to be brought into this world. So why make them suffer for the bullshit that you are going through??? It's a two way street when it come to the point on how the child got conceived. Some of you planned it to happen on purpose just to keep the man when he left anyway and some of you did it because you knew that you and your needs would be met financially from the father supporting the child. And I don't feel sorry for you one bit. Everyone have their own deceitful motives. But the end result shouldn't be the child suffering for your bitterness or unhappiness. If anything your kids should bring joy to your life even if the man isn't involved with them and have moved on. Let me be the first to let everyone of you know that money isn't everything. I will choose my kids any day over money because in my book my kids are priceless. Damn their daddies. My kids is what complete me period. Not their fathers or their child support money...